Is it useful to have a credit card these days?

This is a very controversial issue in our time, that is for many people who read us see the credit card as a tool to stay afloat with their finances.

The primary financial objective of the credit card from the point of view of a bank is simply to be a tool for people possessing acquired or incurred debts forced due to its use and develop into future obligations to pay in long-term debt or what might be best for them a necessary tool to support the family economy.

Someone once said that the credit card was simply: “A stylish way in which people borrow to buy”.

From our point of view as credit card users see it as something that helps us get out of financial trouble or as many say “emergency”. But there are also users who use the card for the alleged fact insecurity of cash and there are others who occupy it for general purchases.

Now the utility and feasibility of using the card comes in you but just please answer these questions to figure out if a good idea to have a credit card:

What do I need to buy with a credit card?
? I can handle a credit card?
Do not bother paying an extra percentage (interest, fees, etc.) To what you would pay with cash?
Do I need to survive financially?

On whether the card is a financial vehicle with the priority of immediacy nothing more immediately (after cash) credit card, work can be a tool, but even family and responsibilities must be taken on the credit card and in the case of a company in the internal control manual should be a proper administrative processing of such resources.

But since we’re here to help, please note the following tips for handling credit cards.

General tips:

Know your credit contract, if you do not have as many in the system customer ask at your bank because they can not deny you the right to be informed of the financial products ud. has acquired.
Review your past statements on the percentage of commission and interest as if it has been raised any of these without consent is considered an abuse by the consumer protection law.
Try to account usually pay more than the minimum payment, however difficult it may be concerned for their own breathe a little.
If you have any additional service to check the charge card, if granted with that extra service fee and how much is the percentage of the bank earns interest every time you use it, if they are unnecessary request removal of such service.

If the card is used for family purposes:

Whether your spouse the holder of each purchase with the card considerably exceeding a limit (this depends on each salary, commissions and outstanding debts) should be consulted and discussed since their credit record is the one in game.
If a purchase is made very large question that is as necessary as possible, that is not very expensive to buy something on a whim just to give it more conscientious purchases.

If the card is used for business purposes:

Mostly used to buy much needed (often with urgent title) for the company so try to be little recurrent keep your purchases to a minimum make a monthly list of what you buy with the card and try to buy when is because without using the card so the company will save a few dollars.
If used to bring customers, potential customers to eat or to buy gifts (for various special events) to your customers, try to reduce spending without looking cheap (the ends are always bad).

Try to balance the costs and invite them to a place to practice the phrase known as the triple “B”, “You get what you pay for”.

As a company policy should be to maintain a minimum and a maximum spending limits with those using the card will be optimized and accounting operations remain within a common and manageable range.
Finally for companies always good to keep the cards only for some people a lot of confidence and a good track record within the company are also committed to the entrepreneurial vision that you have, for example the seller with more years (of course checking the loyalty the company) in the company.

And finally if the card is for personal use:

Try to maintain a healthy range for your purchase will not overstep the debit card is not (in other words it is not what you have at the time) but great care credit.
If you are shopping online, try to verify the authenticity and it is approved by the credit giants Visa and MasterCard.

Well I hope the tips help them improve their use if they had read each card before they put them into practice, and practice if, congratulations card and if not right now ask yourself and think very well towards her that her financial position is the best.

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