Dec 03

The Boss is calling – Understanding the Psychology of chieftaincy

That day or night when they were enjoying the holiday with his family and friends, he received a call on his cell phone and the screen displays, “Boss is calling”. What did you do? Did you answer the call or let it ring? He called back after a while or send a message to him to see if there is something urgent? Your response and how it might react in these situations is based on the type of boss you have and your relationship with him or her. Bosses can not be good or bad. Only oscillate between being good and bad depending on the type of boss you have. It’s like holding one end of a rope in his hand and spinning in the air, you can see the effect in the whole string to the end of the other party. Just as the behavior of the ups and downs of his head between good and evil.

Believe it or not, accept it or not, but in the corporate world, everyone has at least one person that he or she is responsible or that he or she is reporting unless and until the person is an owner of the company ( in case of limited company). In the case of corporations, CEOs and general managers are accountable to the Board of Directors. So, always remember that even your boss is a boss. No one is saved. The way your boss is being analyzed in the scale of good, bad or terrible, rest assured that even your boss is your boss analysis.

In this article, we are making an attempt to understand and analyze the factors affecting the performance of a head, the psychology involved and how they can be a good boss.

Some facts about your boss

Before proceeding with our analysis allows us to understand some facts about his boss, which will help us understand the psychology and behavior of your boss.

1) Like you, your boss is also a human being and has emotions, aspirations, fears, insecurities, issues and problems.

2) The basic reason for anyone to become a leader is control. He wants to control and manipulate people below him in the way your boss wants to control their behavior and movements.

3) The heads can have any name or position either the captain, crew chief, Chief, Director, Vice-President, Director or CXO. That is you and you are under it is good enough as a test to determine that he is the boss and you are his subordinate. Continue reading