Sep 23

Center of Traditional Industries Emping Melinjo

Hamlet billowing Kulon Wirokerten Banguntapan is known as one of the industrial centers melinjo small chips in Bantul Yogyakarta. By tradition, the billowing Kulon expertise to produce chips melinjo inherit from their parents earlier. To date, dozens of people still maintain that tradition, as both businesses (producers) or energy production. These conditions make Hamlet billowing Kulon several times appointed as representative areas that have a productive society, both at the village level to the scale of coverage nasional.Tim bisnisUKM opportunity to visit and see Hamlet billowing Kulon one melinjo chips manufacturers who still maintain traditional production process with equipment ( manual), the Pujo Mbah Utomo. Besides being known as one of the manufacturers of chips melinjo, he also became one of the few manufacturers of the first generation that still survive until today. Now, diusianya 70, Mbah Pujo bequeath business management Pujasari the first to use the brand to Nur Mustafa (35) son.

Mustafa Nur 200×152 Centers Industry Emping Melinjo TradisionalDitemui at his home, Monday (6/8), Mustafa Nur expressed reasons still use traditional equipment or manual production process melinjo chips. “In the past we’ve tried to use it and the quality was great actually decreased, so we went back again to use the equipment and treatment manual feels that the quality is maintained,” he explained. Despite using manual tools, but it is not concerned with the production capacity, because it always involves energy production amount is not little.

“Less is more 50’an people, mostly mothers households around here, every day they take the raw material and then process them at home, and deposited again in the form of raw chips (not fried),” said Mustafa Nur-related energy production . As for the chips they produce melinjo divided into 3 types, which are distinguished from melinjonya amount, ie use 1 piece melinjo (super), using 2 pieces melinjo, and use 3 pieces melinjo. The end result of all three types are distinguished from the thickness and size of each melinjonya chips.
Creating Business Emping Melinjo

Raw Materials Industry Center Melinjo 200×137 Emping Melinjo TradisionalBukan a secret anymore if the production process emping melinjo it easy bother. Melinjo a decent crop (red color) out of its skin and then dried in the sun to dry. Seeds melinjo fried sand so warm so it’s easy to get crushed husk removed. After that, the white beans roasted melinjo until warm. The goal for the current soft ground / digepengkan appropriate shape and size. “In general it is not difficult, but to produce the chips crispy thin thickness needed extra diligence and patience,” said Mustafa Nur.

According to Mustafa Nur, during this super chips melinjo his most favored, due to the thinness of texture so crispy when fried. “If you are here, which makes it super chips are usually experienced, plus melinjo melinjo also best used, namely the new melinjo peeled, peeling is not a long time,” he added. Not less than 500 kg of chips melinjo Mustafa Nur produced every day. Chips-chips are then marketed through merchants that had been a regular subscription. Some traders take itself empingnya in residence Mustafa Nur, and some sent directly to Beringharjo market.

Melinjo chips Raw 200×138 Industrial Center Emping Melinjo TradisionalBerdasarkan Mustafa Nur narrative, it does not do marketing actively on the market. This was due to very limited production capacity at their disposal. “To be honest we want to reach a wider market, but we are constrained production capacity is not comparable with the market demand, especially from the merchants, so for now we’re just focused on the production,” he said. Previously, Mustafa Nur claimed to have left in some supermarkets chips melinjonya consignment system. However, the process did not go smoothly so that now no longer run.

Mustafa Nur set price for the raw product melinjo is 25,000 chips, 00 to Rp26.000, 00 / kg. As for chips melinjo already cooked (fried), they sell it for $ 10,000, 00/200 grams. “For the fried chips prepared raw melinjo we ready stocks every day, but for chips that are cooked to order in advance, to maintain crispness taste,” he said as he closed the interview that afternoon.