Sep 23

Unique Nastar Cake be a Interesting Business

Nastar cakes charm eve of Eid, was always a bone of contention customers. It was so embedded in the tongue of the people, to make cakes Nastar as one of many types of cookies are popular with consumers in Indonesia. No wonder if the opportunity is now used some manufacturers Nastar cakes for a considerable profit.

Call it like Nastar daily new innovations that deliver unique sensation, with a wide range of toping on the cake Nastar produced. If you usually Nastar on the market are made from a mixture of wheat flour and filled with pineapple jam, Nastar daily attendance to give a touch different to offer cheese topping, strawberry clock, green tea, chocolate, apples, etc. to its customers.

The school offers a diverse selection of taste, appearance Nastar daily also has an interesting shape. Such as flat Nastar form without filling pineapple, which was replaced with a sense of taste cheese, green tea, and others. There is also a strawberry topping Nastar given time, as well as the composition Nastar added green tea (so the color changed to green) and added with a topping of chocolate in the middle.

There is also a third form of the usual rounded Nastar like the original form Nastar a lot in the market, then stuffed with pineapple in it and added sweeteners like icing apple, strawberry, to green tea with almond slices. For the sale price Nastar daily, usually priced around Rp 70,000-Rp 75,000 per jar. Prices were good enough to appreciate the uniqueness of Nastar daily.

Well, besides Nastar daily unique shape that offers innovation with exciting flavors, now there are also black Nastar that tastes have diinovasikan with chocolate mixture. If you notice, the shape is almost similar to the brown balls, but in it is filled with pineapple jam that characterizes Nastar cakes. Interested to try it?