Sep 23

Cultivating Bananas Being A Tantalize Side Business

Having enough free time loose in between his busy being a housewife. Inspires Dhani R. Satyadharma to seek business opportunities that could sideline he did while watching his beloved sons and daughters. Armed with cooking hobby he had, Dhani pastry cooking course program and try to create different kinds of cakes made from bananas.

Availability of bananas are abundant enough in any season, Dhani easy to realize the business idea he had. Businesses that he named Banana house was pioneered Dhani after he married and had a child. At that Dhani chose resign from his job as a marketing in one of the private companies in the capital Jakarta, and decided to stay at home to take care of their children are more in need of his presence all the time.

Confused spare time when her children go to school, Dhani tried to make a banana cake for personal and family consumption. Unexpected when the response he received caukup good, from here began many close relatives who ordered banana cake Dhani so eventually he dared raise brand Banana house to introduce side business he run to the wider community.
Innovation To Minimize Competition

Unlike the banana muffins (banana cake) that many in the market, Dhani tries to give the look and taste a variety of choices so that he production of banana cake look more attractive than other competitors that are around. When cut, banana cake Banana manufactured home has two layers thus offering a more diverse flavors. Call it like the original banana cake, choco chips, cheese, nuts, raisins, banana slices, dates, and fruit mix. Each banana cake pan measuring 15cm x 15 cm, he bandrol at USD 75000.00 and comes with an attractive product packaging.

Besides offering banana muffins as flagship product, Dhani also offers a variety of processed banana products not compete. Such as banana oatmeal cookies, banana cake brownies, banana sale cheese, banana cases, and banana cake lately rainbow loved people in Indonesia.

Utilizing the Internet as an effective marketing medium, now Dhani has successfully marketed products Banana house to Merauke, Papua. Each month, at least Dhani could sell about 200 pan banana cake and get a turnover of 15 million dollars per month. Of the turnover is, Dhani can pocket profits of about 20% or about Rp 3 million. Interested in trying this sideline business opportunity?

For readers and beginners who are interested in cultivating bananas into a lucrative side business, here we attach one to make banana cake recipe that you can try from your home kitchen. Good luck and greetings success.
Banana Cake Recipe

For 20 pieces

Ingredients: banana banana cake 165×200 Processing Business Being Outside The Tantalize
250 g sugar
250 g chicken eggs
150 g of vegetable oil
100 g margarine, melted
500 g ripe bananas, mashed

Sift together:
250 g of wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking soda

How to Make:

Prepare a 20 cm rectangular baking pan or other forms.
Shoe margarine and sprinkle with flour.
Beat sugar and eggs until fluffy.
Enter Ambon banana soft, stirring until blended.
Enter the flour mixture while stirring evenly.
Add vegetable oil and margarine melted, gradually stir while.
Pour into the pan and flatten.
Bake in a 180 C oven for 45 minutes.
Remove and let cool.