Sep 26

Staff Outsourcing Companies in Thailand: What to Look For While Selecting the Best

Businesses of all sizes in Thailand are struggling with the escalating cost of full time employees, but staff outsourcing has emerged as an intelligent way to get the work done, especially by experts of a particular field at an optimized cost. In fact, it is important to point out that staff outsourcing is undoubtedly the smartest business choice, especially for multinational companies who want to set up representative offices in Thailand.

This can be attributed to the fact that labor laws in Thailand stipulate that any foreign employer isn’t permitted to recruit employees directly in the country to work abroad, but instead should use a staff outsourcing company in Thailand or the Department of Employment to recruit thereof.

There are countless staff outsourcing companies in Thailand that offer outsourcing services for business owners who would like to hire staff quickly, for a certain period of time. It is usually the best option for business owners who cannot find time to hire new staff or even select the most suitable candidate for a particular position by themselves. With hundreds of staff outsourcing companies in Thailand offering nearly similar services in staff outsourcing; how do you choose the best? Here is a checklist of things you should always look for.

Consider the most promising deals

You must look for a company that offers the most promising deals for your business in the long run. As much as most people believe that the most expensive deals are high quality, this is not always true. Also, consider a staff outsourcing company in Thailand that offers risk free deals or rather a complete guarantee for the investment you make in a particular project.

Smart Search Recruitment, a staff outsourcing company in Bangkok, is renowned for cheap staff recruitment deals and it takes full responsibility by quickly selecting and maintaining the right staff for businesses that offer insurance and financial services. Also, the company takes full financial responsibility through compensation in case your project fails to deliver anticipated returns.

Check for the reliability of services and quality standards

There is a great difference between the not so performing staff outsourcing companies and the best ones when it comes to consistency and trustworthiness of their services and quality standards. Therefore, you should carry out a complete check to ensure that the credentials provided by your potential staff outsourcing company are flawless. This way, you will rest assured that the details of your company are kept safe and do not get disclosed.

PRTR, Bangkok based staff outsourcing company established in 1990, is recognized as Thailand’s most successful and independent staff outsourcing company that offers highly sustainable services and impeccable quality standards that can help in your quest to outshine your competitors.

Consider company’s previous track records

It is quite evident that, the success of any staff outsourcing company in Thailand can be gauged based on its previous records.

For instance, you need to look into the kind of assignments they’ve dealt with and the different types of clients they’ve rendered staff outsourcing services as well as the success quotient. To obtain such information, look into their portfolio and the testimonials given by their preceding clients on the company’s website.

For example, PRTR currently has over 2100 contract staff working at over 145 customer locations. You can also visit its website and check on the long list of available testimonials from various previous clients or you can visit their 5 offices in Bangkok.