Mar 12

Accounting Staff, step 1 “Cost Control”

These smart financial start a new series for control of our finances divided into steps.

The accounting staff is a very unusual today. When we hear the word accounting in business and accounting in its financial department, but never adopted as a tool for our personal finances.

The personal accounting differs in certain respects from accounting or general business has fewer aspects or items that touch but has a great depth to the user.

One of the keys or items that shows accounting staff to take control of our finances (especially expenses) is a cost control.

Cost control must keep up, show the importance expenses relevant chronological (in the case of months, fortnights, weeks or days) being projected expenditures (budgeted) values ​​ud early. and would be the actual expenses (expenses) which would you compare to see if it is out of schedule or if your expenses are less, equal, etc..

The comparative cost control can be a very valuable tool when making your budget.