Dec 04

WEB conference funding applications


The image of the title “CFO” (Chief Financial Officer), and does not correspond to that of an auditor severe authorizing minimal expense, and that is always waiting for revenue, behind closed doors. Investor Relations, and the road “sample” for runners in an effort to get financing, and the publication of results, takes time that could be better used to improve the income of the company. In some grand

Web conference presentations with PowerPoint and Excel are among the arsenal of new CFOs used to convince financial partners. Following up on the interest or questions from partners, other documents may be sent by the CFO to supplement information or to direct them to a specific web page. Besides meeting online, it is possible for him to have a private conversation with one participant, a partner, or a partner for immediate consultation to make the best decision for the benefit of the company.


Better take care of their partners has focused on their screens rather than walls of a meeting room. Even better would be to have scanned copies of all necessary supporting information ready beforehand, just to send to an investor at the exact moment an issue arises. From the investment point of view, the reaction time is crucial to the subsequent decision. Otherwise, the impact will be lost and, in all probability, the interest of the partners will vanish. Your time is as valuable as anyone, and usually are very concerned about how they use it. As a matter of fact, there is no one better than a CFO to negotiate a major contract with another CFO. Now all this is possible without having to leave their offices.