Dec 04

Investing in Nothing

Everyone is trying to make money, either for honest work hard or rob unsuspecting victims. It will never stop. Billions of dollars a year going to invest in scams. Sometimes you can get in desperate times and I really need money to help their loved ones and invest in them, no. Better to have a sign and asking for money on the street .. In this blog I made ​​a list of links to information and protect you from getting ripped off.

D Theft
Be weary of sites that you buy to make sure the site is trustworthy and secure. Another means is through the telephone. Strange as it may seem the phone can be hacked, including cell phones, listening to the conversation and get your information. Also burn or destroy credit card offers in the mail and keep in mind that some messages may contain social security numbers or other important information. Check your credit score can tell what’s going on with your credit. Millions of people are affected by identity theft each year and for months I did not even know that there are people smarter than you and they are trying to get the money to you.